Have Asthma? 3 House Cleaning Services To Talk To Your Cleaners About

If you have asthma, then it can seem like just about anything can exacerbate your symptoms, especially when seasons change. If you have noticed that you are spending more time wheezing when you are inside your house, it may be because there are too many dust particles floating around. The tricky thing about dust is that it's everywhere and can sometimes be hard to get rid of. What if there were a few ways that you could cut back on all of the dirt and allergens in your house? 

Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Think about how many times you, your kids, your family, and strangers wear shoes inside your house. Every time that they walk onto the carpet, they drag dust and dirt with them which can get trapped inside each individual carpet fiber. When this happens, it can build up and lead to respiratory issues because every time you breathe in, you are breathing in some of those dust particles from the carpet. When you have some residential carpet cleaning services come out to your house, they will usually steam-clean your carpet, which will kill all of the dust and dirt and help you get rid of your symptoms. 

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your air ducts are responsible for delivering both cold and warm air throughout your house. When they are filled with dust, the air that is being blown out of your air vents is instantly dirty, which is terrible for your asthma. To get rid of all of the dust inside of them, an air duct specialist will vacuum and wipe out all of the dust from your air vents so that the air being blown out is a lot cleaner. 


When you clean your house, you probably don't have time to really deep-clean it. Deep-cleaning is the process of pulling out your furniture, your stove, and your fridge to get rid of all of the dust, dirt, and food that's underneath them. Although you may think that your house is clean, these things usually build up under them, which can make your symptoms a lot worse. Consider hiring some professional cleaners to deep-clean underneath all of your heavy furniture and appliances to cut back on all of the dust that you are breathing in. 

Even though you may think you live in a clean house, chances are that there is dust hiding in at least a few spots. To learn more, reach out to some cleaning professionals near you.