Tips For Cleaning And Deodorizing Your Home Without Chemicals

If you love the look and smell of a clean and deodorized home but don't like to use chemical-based products, then you will be pleased to learn that you can use natural and inexpensive products you already have in your kitchen cupboards.

Below is some information about cleaning and deodorizing your home with natural products:

Natural Cleaning 

When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your home, there are a wide variety of different things you can use. For example, you can use a solution of white vinegar and a couple drops of lemon juice to make a spray that is suitable for cleaning window glass, mirrors, and solid surfaces such as countertops. 

If you need to clean tile or a dirty sink, you can use the same spray mixture. If the cleaning job includes stuck on food or other grime, then you can sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the areas you apply the cleaning spray. Scrub the spray and baking soda mixture with a clean cloth and then rinse it away with a damp cloth.

If your kitchen or bathroom drains need cleaning, you can squeeze the juice of a lemon or orange into them to freshen and clean them. This is a great use for citrus fruit you didn't eat while it was in its prime.

Natural Deodorizing 

If your home needs some deodorizing but you don't want to use a chemical spray like Febreze, you can easily accomplish the task using natural products you already have in your kitchen pantry. 

Carpet and Furniture Deodorizing

To deodorize your carpet and cloth furniture pieces, you can simply sprinkle them with a thin layer of baking soda. Baking soda will absorb oils and odors and can easily be vacuumed up with your household vacuum. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your mattress to freshen it up as well. Let the baking soda sit for a few minutes before vacuuming for the best results.

Natural Air Freshener

Finally, if you cooked fish for dinner last night or your home smells stale from being closed up all winter, then you can make a natural air freshener by boiling some spices and citrus fruit in a saucepan on your stove. Simply put a couple cups of cold water into a small pot and then add slices of oranges or lemons. To give your home the scent of a freshly baked pastry, add some cinnamon or cloves to the pot. Let the fruit and spice mixture come to a boil and then simmer it on your stove for an hour for maximum air freshening.

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