Things To Ask When Thinking Of Hiring Office Janitorial Services

If you have been toying with the idea of hiring a company that offers office janitorial services, but are not sure if they can meet your needs, you will want to ask the following questions. By communication about the following issues, you and the company will be able to decide if you are a good match for each other in terms of doing business.

Can They Come During Your Listed Business Hours?

While it might sound appealing to have the office janitors come clean once you are closed for the day, you may not want to leave them with a key, or have one of your employees responsible for staying over to let them in and out of the building. Instead, you can ask if they are able to come during the day when you are typically open, but maybe during a time when you are not extremely busy. For example, if you open in the morning but do not see a lot of customers come in until around lunch and thereafter, you will want to ask if their schedule will allow them to come when you first open. This way, they can clean without disturbing anyone or anyone getting in their way.

Can They Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions?

This is very important if you want to make sure that there is little chance of any of your employees, customers, or business associates ending up with a allergic reaction from the cleaning solutions used throughout the office. Not only are eco-friendly cleaning solutions good for the environment, they are not as harsh on your floors, furniture, and everything else since they are made with natural ingredients. If you already make use of a particular brand of cleaning solutions and you want the cleaners to use those, you will want to ask if that is possible. You will then simply keep the office stocked with all of the cleaning solutions needed and you might even get a small discount off of the weekly cleaning rate. After all, the cleaning company will not have the expense of providing the cleaning solutions for your office. 

Can You Easily Reschedule Cleaning Times If Needed?

If you run a business that can be a little hectic at times, you might not be able to guarantee that the same day and time every week is going to work out. Therefore, you might want to ask if it would be easy to reschedule the cleaning crew to accommodate your needs for the week. This way, your office and still get a nice professional cleaning, but it will always be done at the most opportune time.