How To Clean Caramel From Carpet

Caramel treats are popular around holiday times, especially on Halloween. While they satisfy your sweet tooth, you don't want to find them on your carpet.  

Since caramel is made from butter, sugar, and grease, it can create a sticky mess that is tough to clean. You may be tempted to cut the piece out with scissors, but there are better methods. Clean the caramel from your carpet by following this guide:

Prepare to Clean the Caramel

To clean the caramel, gather: 

  • clean white rags
  • white paper towels
  • cotton balls
  • butter knife or spoon
  • mixing bowl or spray bottle
  • ice cubes
  • rubbing alcohol
  • white vinegar 
  • liquid detergent
  • oxygen bleach 
  • carpet extraction machine

Use a butter knife or spoon to gently scrape as much surface caramel as you can from the carpet to keep it from getting worked into the fibers when you start cleaning. 

Check for color reaction from bleach and other cleaners on a hidden area of carpet to test color reaction. Dab some rubbing alcohol on the stain, and blot the stain with a paper towel or cotton ball, but avoid rubbing. 

Don't saturate the area to avoid liquid seeping to the back of the carpet. Dab residue with a cotton ball or paper towel moistened with cool water. If the caramel has hardened, set an ice cube on it for several minutes, then scrape the stain.

Clean the Stain with Vinegar and Detergent 

Combine a teaspoon of liquid detergent and one cup of warm water in a bowl or spray bottle. Stir the solution or shake the bottle, moisten the rag with it, then apply it to the stain.

Allow the solution to stand several minutes, then clean the stain from the outer edges to the middle, so the stain won't spread. To rinse, dab clean towel in cold water, and blot to rinse

Alternately, mix three parts water with one part vinegar in a bowl or spray bottle. Blot the stain, and use cold water to rinse. Never skip rinsing the cleaners as the fibers could pull it into the carpet making more dirt. After the carpet dries you may want to vacuum to restore fibers or use a carpet extraction machine. 

Use a Bleach Cleaner

If the stain still persists, try an oxygen bleach solution. Oxygen bleach is less harsh than household bleach. and it is safe on most colored fabrics. 

Mix an ounce of oxygen bleach in one quart of warm water, and stir the solution until the bleach dissolves. Dab some of the solution on a paper towel or cotton ball, and blot the stain in the same manner you did for the dish soap. Rinse with a clean paper towel or cotton ball dipped in cool water, then let the carpet dry.  

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