A Janitor Service Is Critical In These Ways If You Operate A Restaurant

Out of all the businesses that customers frequent, few things need to be cleaner than those that serve food. Not only can operating a dirty restaurant leave you with a health department violation that shuts your doors, but it can also lead to negative online reviews and a customer base that quickly dwindles. If you're a new restaurateur who is looking for a janitor service to clean your establishment, you should focus on those that have experience in this type of cleaning — looking after a restaurant is dramatically different than cleaning an office, for example. Beyond the expected tasks that the cleaners will perform, here are some things that you need to be addressed.


Cleaning a restaurant floor isn't just about vacuuming up the errant crumbs of food that spilled over the course of the day. In order to truly get the floor of your restaurant clean, a dual approach is necessary. Carpeted areas need to be steam cleaned. This doesn't necessarily have to happen nightly, but it needs to be a regular occurrence so that grease is lifted. Regular steam cleaning sessions will not only reduce any greasy feeling under your customers' feet, but also extend the life of the carpet. The janitor service will also need to scrub hard surfaces, such as those that are tiled. These, too, can be greasy from dropped food, and they're a fall hazard if they're not cleaned.

Food Preparation Areas

The kitchen needs to be a point of focus for your janitor service. An unclean kitchen is a health risk; diners could potentially get sick due to the cross-contamination of foods, and this could cause the health department to show up at your restaurant and potentially shut you down. You want the kitchen to shine, especially if your restaurant design is such that customers can partially see into this space.

Tables And Chairs

It may seem easy to overlook the cleanliness of your tables and chairs beyond having your staff wipe them down between diners. Over time, grime can get into the grooves of your furniture, which won't be appealing to your customers. For example, if there's a groove in the outside edge of your tables, it might be sticky or otherwise coated with spilled food that a quick wipe-down might miss. Your janitor service can focus on these areas so that your customers are impressed with the cleanliness of your location.

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