Planning Your Holiday Parties? How To Protect Your Carpets During The Festivities

Now that you've put an end to all your summer festivities, it's time to start preparing for fall and winter. There are a lot of holidays coming up that will require some get-togethers. If you're going to be hosting some of those get-togethers, you'll want to make sure your home is ready for the excitement. If you have carpeting in your home, you'll need to take steps to avoid total destruction. Parties can literally destroy your carpeting, if you're not careful. Not sure how to protect your carpets during the holidays? Here are four simple steps to help get you started.

Start with a Clean Slate

If you're going to be hosting parties during the holidays, you'll need to start with clean carpeting. Before you begin decorating for your party, be sure to have your carpets cleaned by a professional. It might seem counter-productive to have your carpets cleaned before the party, especially when you expect them to get dirty again. However, having your carpets cleaned before the party will remove all the dirt that's hiding in the fibers and down by the padding. That's the dirt that can get ground in to the fibers during the party. A thorough cleaning will allow you to avoid the damage caused by ground-in dirt.

Don't Forget the Stain-Repellent

You know that at least one of your guests is going to spill something, or track some dirt into the house. Don't let your night be ruined by those moments. Instead, take some preventative measures by having your carpets treated with a stain-repellent. You can have your carpets treated while you're having them cleaned. The repellent will ensure spills and messes wipe right up, without leaving a stain.

Embellish the Carpets

When it comes to hosting holiday get-togethers, you want to go all-out with the decorations. While you're decorating your home, don't forget about the floors. Embellishing your carpets with decorative throw rugs will help protect your carpeting. Pay close attention to the areas in front of chairs and couches, as well as the front door. The rugs you decorate your floors with just could prevent a nasty mess.

Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

If you have light-colored carpeting, you know there are certain colored foods and beverages that can leave terrible stains. While you're planning your party, be sure to avoid those types of foods and beverages. Instead of serving red wine, have a generous supply of white wine on hand. If you'll be entertaining children, offer clear beverages, instead of those that are red or purple. For food choices, avoid those that have red sauce. You'll have less of a mess to clean up after the party.

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