Clean Nylon Carpet Fibers That Were Exposed To Barbecue Ribs

If you were carrying a platter of barbecue ribs across your dining room and you tripped over a toy that your child tossed onto the carpet, resulting in you losing your balance and spilling the ribs onto the white nylon carpeting that surrounds your dining room table, acting swiftly to remove the spilled food and clean the fibers will prevent permanent stains. Follow the instructions below to provide the nylon fibers with a spic and span surface:


  • pair of latex gloves
  • small plastic bag
  • thick towel
  • degreasing agent (spray)
  • sponge
  • utility brush
  • plastic tub
  • warm water
  • detergent
  • non-chlorine bleach
  • odor neutralizer (liquid or powder)
  • shop vacuum (brush attachment)

Toss Food In The Trash And Apply A Degreasing Agent 

Cover your hands with latex gloves. Pick up the spilled ribs by hand and place them in a small bag before sealing the bag and tossing it into a waste container. Use one side of an absorbent towel to blot liquid that is on the nylon fibers. 

Spray a degreasing agent directly on fibers that are discolored. A degreasing agent will break down fats that came into contact with nylon fibers. The degreaser should remain on carpet fibers for several minutes. Move a stiff sponge or utility brush over the carpet's surface to dislodge barbecue sauce or grease.

Apply Non-Chlorine Bleach And Soapy Water

Add a shallow amount of warm water to a plastic tub. Squirt a few drops of dish detergent into the tub's base. Pour a little bit of non-chlorine bleach into the soapy water. Stir the basin's contents and use a clean sponge or utility brush to administer the homemade cleanser to discolored carpet fibers. Dip either the sponge or brush back into the basin if a second dose of the cleaning agent is needed. Use plain water to remove traces of detergent or bleach. Wait for the nylon fibers to air dry.

Neutralize Unpleasant Odors And Vacuum

After carpeting dries, safeguard the carpet from unpleasant odors by pouring or spraying a small amount of an odor neutralizing product across the nylon fibers. Connect a brush extension to the end of a shop vacuum cleaner. After plugging the vacuum cleaner in, move the brush straight across the nylon fibers that were recently cleaned. Avoid tugging on fibers or moving the brush extension too firmly over them. Brush the fibers several times until they are laying straight across the floor covering. 

Contact a carpet cleaning service for more information and assistance.