Tips To Help You Keep A Clean And Germ-Free Work Place

When you work in an office, you spend a great deal of your time there, so you should want it kept as clean as possible. Cleaning your office can be handled by a specific employee, divided among all employees, or hired out to a cleaning service like Pap  Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC. Whether you decide to handle the cleaning in-office or hire it to a professional company, here are some tips to help you keep your office break room sanitized and spotless.

Set Break Room Rules

The office break room can be one of the dirtiest areas of your place of work, as food is heated, prepared and stored each day by all the employees who work there. Making and keeping certain rules in the break room can help keep it clean so mold and bacteria cannot breed.

It may be helpful to post a list of rules for each of the employees to help out with while they use the break room to keep it clean. Leave some sanitizing wipes out on the counter to make it easier for employees to use them whenever they need to clean up. Ask employees to clean up after themselves, such as washing their own dishes they dirty and leave in the sink and removing any old food from the fridge. Post a notice on the fridge that it will be cleaned out each week and items can be thrown away.

Complete Weekly and Daily Tasks

It is important to wipe out the microwave each day, as many employees who use it may not realize the microwave has become dirty from splattered food. Keep a sponge or a rag and some spray cleaner in the kitchen to spray the interior of the microwave and wipe it out daily. If the food becomes stuck-on inside the microwave, you can place a mug of water and some baking soda inside while you run it for several minutes. This will loosen the stuck-on particles so you can wipe it with the sponge or rag.

Be sure to wipe and clean out the sink each week with the disinfectant cleaner and the rag or sponge to remove any build-up of debris and residue from rinsing dishes. Also clean out the fridge each week, as it can easily accumulate leftover and forgotten meals other employees can leave. Food containers can also spill or leak, leaving sticky spots and stains inside the fridge. Go through the fridge at the end of each work week to toss out any left foods, then use the disinfectant cleaner and your rag or sponge to wipe out the shelves and remove spills.