Tips For Maintaining A Nighttime Only Janitorial Business

Having a business that operates at night means that you can spend your days resting and at leisure. If you are able to operate a business after everyone leaves work until the midnight hour, you will even have time to get to sleep at night and use your days how you see fit. One of the best businesses to operate at night are janitorial services. If you wish to open a janitorial business, here are some contracts to get that will permit you to operate at night only:

Target big office parks

Office parks can run differently than office buildings. Office parks are typically different businesses that are within the same strip complex as other companies. Each of these independent companies will have their own work hours, which means that you may be able to begin cleaning for one of the companies around 5  pm as they leave, while other businesses may not close until 9 pm. If you can get contracts with multiple businesses in the office park, you will be able to clean them one at a time before you are due to enter the next building. This will also work for large buildings that host different businesses. 

Have your team meet before and after

If you are running an all-night business that does not end work until after dark, it is a good idea to have a focus on safety. Pass out cellular phones to everyone on the team with a radio function that will allow everyone to radio in if there is an issue. Meet up in a central location before everyone starts work to ensure that everyone has the supplies that they need for the job. Once all of the jobs are complete, you and your employees should meet up at a specific location to return any company property to you and to make sure that everyone is safe and there were no issues at any of the buildings. 

Prepare morning activities

In order to get contracts with companies, you can offer to perform some of the morning preparation activities at night. This includes filling the coffee makers with the appropriate coffee and setting the timer so that the coffee is brewing as the company opens. If there are any nighttime deliveries that need to be organized and put in their appropriate place, offer this organization as a part of one of the cleaning activities. Coming into an organized and clean building is one of the top reasons why companies will hire your overnight janitorial business.