5 Signs You Need An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Crew For Your Office

Typically when you run an office, you have to hire a crew to clean it. You can hire a traditional crew or an eco-friendly crew. Here are five signs you need an eco-friendly company to help you:

1. You Have Employees With Allergies

The chemicals and fragrances in some cleaning products can really have an impact on employees with allergies. If you want to make your office hospitable for these people, you may want to opt for eco-friendly office cleaning. Don't want to put anyone on the spot by asking if they have allergies? Then, just choose eco-cleaning to be on the safe side.

2. Your Office Has a Goal of Reducing Waste

Many offices actively try to reduce the amount of waste that they produce. You may do this by using digital memos instead of printed ones, putting recycling bins in the break room, or taking other measures. When you opt for eco-friendly office cleaning, that also helps you with this goal.

In most cases, eco-friendly cleaning products are packaged in ways that minimize the amount of waste that gets sent to the dump. That usually means recyclable or refillable bottles combined with very limited cardboard packaging.

3. You Want to Create a Healthier Work Environment

Even in the absence of allergies, harsh chemicals can have adverse effects on your employee's' health. In particular, many cleaning products give off volatile organic compounds (VOC). According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOC's can lead to eye, nose, and throat irritation as well as headaches. In extreme cases, they can cause damage to the liver or central nervous system.

If you want to create a healthy work environment and cut down on sick days, you may want to work with an eco-friendly office cleaning company who uses disinfectants or other cleaners that have very little or no VOCs.  

4. You Pride Yourself on Being an Eco-Friendly Company

If you advertise the fact that your company is eco-friendly, you can back that up in a number of ways. In addition to having internal processes that are environmentally friendly, you may also want to ensure that the service providers you work with are environmentally friendly. That should include your cleaners.

5. You Bring Dogs to Work or Have an Office Cat

Many offices are adopting pet-friendly policies, and if you are one of them, you may want to create a healthier environment for those pets. For instance, pets spend a lot of time on the ground right next to the carpet. If the carpet is full of harmful cleaning products or stain removers, that can have an impact on your office pets. Again, in this situation, you may want to work with a cleaning crew who is eco-friendly.

Contact a local office cleaning service for more information and assistance.