Slow The Flu In Your Workplace

Flu Season is coming! Is your office ready to take on the challenges that come with the constant in and out of people that have "a touch of the flu" while they go about their days? The flu isn't something to mess around with as people do die from it each year. So, get your office in check. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help reduce the number of people that suffer from the flu in the workplace this year.

Hire a Janitorial Service

If you don't already have a professional janitorial service in place, now is a great time to consider hiring one. There is so much that goes into keeping a workplace clean and as germ-free as possible and there is no way to get it all done without cutting corners each day.

Professional cleaners know exactly what supplies to use to ensure that the workplace is as clean and sterilized as possible each night. Instead of allowing the germs to remain on the many surfaces around the office just waiting to catch a ride with the next person that touches it, the cleaners will disinfect and kill those germs.

If you think your business can't afford a cleaning service, consider how much money will be lost each time an employee gets sick. You will have to foot the bill for sick days and the work that they would typically do during the days that they are out sick will not get done. It is an investment that will pay for itself.

Encourage Vaccines

You can't really force each employee to get the flu vaccine, but you can encourage it. Consider offering an hour of paid time off so that they can get the flu shot while they are actually getting paid. Maybe a small gift card to the local coffee shop – just some sort of incentive to entice everyone to at least consider getting vaccinated and protecting those around them, as well as themselves.

Permit Time Off

So many employers are very hard on employees that take time off when they are sick. People will come to work with the flu because they are worried that they will be fired or reprimanded for missing a day. This will cause a break-out of the flu in the workplace. Let your employees take a day or two to get over the flu before returning to work.

Talk with your local janitorial service companies to find one that can come in and help your workplace stay healthy this year.