3 Reasons To Add Carpet Cleaning To Your Janitorial Budget

Keeping your commercial space looking clean and fresh is a great way to make a positive impression on employees and potential customers. While most facility managers know that routine vacuuming is required to keep carpets looking nice, few take the time to recognize the importance of investing in regular carpet cleaning, as well.

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding professional carpet cleaning to your janitorial budget in the future.

1. Soiled carpets attract more dirt.

As you consider the best way to care for the carpets in your commercial space, it's important to recognize that a soiled carpet could become even dirtier over time. Any spills or stains that are present on your carpeting can attract more dirt and debris, resulting in a significantly dirtier carpet than you might otherwise see.

Investing in regular cleanings for your commercial carpets will help to prevent stains and spills from causing your carpeting to look dirty, allowing you to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your carpet more readily with routine vacuuming.

2. Dirty carpets compromise air quality.

The quality of the air inside your commercial facility can have a significant impact on the health and comfort of your workers and customers.

Dust mites, dander, and other debris can become trapped deep within the fibers of your carpet. Routine vacuuming might not be able to loosen contaminants that have worked their way into your carpet, leaving these contaminants behind. As people walk on your carpets, these contaminant particles can be released into the air where they might irritate respiratory illnesses or trigger allergy symptoms.

Professional carpet cleaning removes entrenched contaminants, ensuring the quality of your facility's indoor air remains high.

3. Failing to clean carpets could void your warranty.

Many of the materials installed in commercial facilities are covered by a warranty. These warranties help to offset the financial burden of replacing building materials, should they become damaged in the future.

If your carpets are covered by a warranty, your warranty might require routine cleanings by a professional. Investing in regular facility carpet cleaning will help you keep vital material warranties intact, ensuring maximum protection for your commercial facility over time.

When you are able to recognize some of the benefits you will enjoy when you opt to have your commercial carpets cleaned on a regular basis, it will become easy to see why you should incorporate cleaning costs into your janitorial budget in the future.