3 Instances You Should Hire A Pro To Clean Your Gutters

To keep water flowing freely away from your home, it is essential to make sure that you regularly clean your gutters. If your gutters are blocked, this will cause water to accumulate, potentially damaging your home, flooding your landscaping, and serving as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

You may prefer to tackle gutter cleaning yourself, but there are a few cases where it is a smart decision to let a professional tackle this chore. Check out a few instances when you should definitely hire a gutter cleaning service to tend to your gutters. 

1. You Notice Your Gutters Have Some Damage

Gutter cleaners do more than rid your gutters of debris; they also have the expertise to tackle any repairs that your gutters are overdue for. There are a few different portions of your gutters that may need repairs.

The gutters that direct rainwater away from your home are typically held in place by spikes. If these spikes appear as if they are not attached to your home or if you notice that your gutters appear unstable, these spikes likely require some type of repair.

Forgoing these spike repairs increases the likelihood that your gutters will be damaged in extreme weather (thanks to the decreased stability). The incorrect positioning makes it harder for your gutters to do their job. 

Gutters also have seams that help keep the rainwater contained. If your gutters are leaking, they likely need to be re-caulked around their seams. This is another task your gutter cleaning service can complete when they clean your gutters.

2. There Are Standing Areas of Water Around Your Home

If you have standing areas of water in close proximity to your home, this may mean that your gutters aren't properly redirecting water away from your home. A portion might be damage or improperly positioned. Your gutter specialist can examine your gutters to determine why this water is accumulating before it causes damage or attracts water-loving insects. 

3. You Aren't Comfortable Climbing a Ladder

To clean your gutters, you have to flush the entire length of the gutter system, which means you'll have to spend some time up on a ladder. If you aren't comfortable working on a ladder for extended periods or are not in shape to climb the ladder, leave your gutter cleaning to the experts.

Injuries from falling will quickly erode any potential savings from cleaning your gutters yourself. You may also be tempted to skimp on doing a thorough cleaning job if you are anxious to get off the ladder as soon as possible. 

Don't hesitate to contact a gutter cleaning service if any of the aforementioned applies to you.