Run A Restaurant? 3 Places You Should Pressure Wash Regularly

Pressure washers give you the chance to quickly and easily blast away grime and residues. While many people think they are only for outside, they work perfectly for some indoor applications, such as if you have a large commercial kitchen with floor drains. Here are three places you should pressure wash regularly if you run a restaurant.

1. Outdoor Dining Areas

Eating al fresco is a fun, pleasant way to enjoy a nice meal when the weather is pleasant. However, outdoor eating areas can become rife with grime, especially if families tend to opt for the outdoor tables. From dropped food crumbs to spilled sodas, your outdoor dining room can become an unwelcoming eyesore if you aren't careful. 

However, by having your team move the tables and stack the chairs, you can prepare the area for pressure washing. A few squirts of soap and a little pressure behind the trigger is all it takes to rinse away the day's leftovers. When pressure washing, be sure to aim the spray towards ground drains, and to only use soap that is biodegradable and safe for the environment. 

2. Walk-In Coolers

Another area around your restaurant that can become dirty fast is the walk-in cooler. Spilled stored foods and drips from vacuum-packed meats can even create hazards like foodborne illness. To prevent problems, schedule routine deep cleanings of your walk-in cooler and bring your pressure washer along for the ride. 

While the easiest way to pressure wash a walk-in cooler is by moving all of the food to another area, it may not always be possible in smaller spaces. When you are struggling with this problem, try to move the food up as far as possible on shelving, or move it to one side of the room. Clean where you can, and then move food items back. Routine deep cleaning will keep food safer and help you to avoid odors. 

3. Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are another place where grime can accumulate quickly. As you cook, fumes are sucked up and out of the building, keeping your staff safe and comfortable. However, grease particles can become stuck in the hoods, so deep clean those areas with a pressure washer. When pressure washing fume hoods, always use a degreaser to make it easier to blast away grime. 

When you pressure wash your business, it is important to always start with the lowest pressure possible and then work your way up to higher settings. Keep in mind that some cleaning products are not food safe, so always make sure your cleaner is rated for commercial kitchens. 

If you need help with commercial pressure cleaning, contact a business like A Blast to the Past in your area.