Have Several Dogs? How To Keep Your Lawn In Good Condition

If you have several dogs they likely urinate and poop on your lawn a lot. Both of these things can wreak havoc on grass, and you will soon start to notice yellowed and burned out grass. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help prevent this problem so your lawn will be in good condition.

Disinfect Lawn

Using a disinfectant on your lawn is the best way to help keep it in good condition. If you do not use any type of disinfectant, parasites and viruses will build up which can be harmful to humans. This is especially true if you have children that play in your yard that are barefoot. 

There are disinfectants that are made of natural enzymes and others that are made of a chlorine solution. No matter what you use the disinfectant breaks down all solids and then kills all bacteria on the grass.  How often you should disinfect your lawn does depend on how often your dogs go to the bathroom. In most cases once a week will suffice.

You can hire a company to disinfect your lawn for you. This should be something to consider if you are not experienced in doing this. The company will ensure the mixture of disinfectant that they use will not harm your lawn. 

Use Only One Area

It can be helpful to only let your dogs urinate and poop in only one area of your yard so you will know where to put disinfectant. You could fence in only one area of your yard for your dogs to do this.

If you do not want to use any type of fence, you can train your dogs to use only one area. Put your dogs on a leash to the area and then give it the command to use the bathroom. One command that you can use is to tell them to go potty. Give your dogs a reward after they are finished using the bathroom.  Use the same area each time you take your dogs out so they will not become confused as to where they should go. 

You can hire a dog trainer to help you train your dog if you do not know how. There is a lot of information online and instructional videos that can also help you. 

To learn more information about how to keep your lawn in good condition, reach out to lawn disinfecting services near you.