The Truth about Mold and How to Get Rid of It

When you hear about a home having mold, you think of the house as being old and decrepit, or a house that is filthy and unkempt, but the truth is that mold could be growing in your home, directly under your nose and it could be going undetected. Mold can grow in any moist, warm environment, and your home most likely has a lot of these areas. Mold can grow in your attic without you knowing, or in your crawl space. Mold can also be growing under carpeting, and behind the drywall in your home, and you won't notice it until it finally soaks through. At this point, you have a major mold issue. The truth is, mold can be anywhere. Getting rid of it is extremely important. Read on for more information.

1. How to Find It

You don't want to find the mold after you already have a big issue, so if you are seeing it on your drywall, or showing up on your ceiling, there's a good chance the wall and studs behind the drywall has a lot of mold growth. There are other signs to watch for that may indicate a mold problem, and having your home inspected for mold can help prevent one of these major issues.

One big sign, aside from physically seeing the mold, is smelling mold. If your home smells like mildew or has a musty odor, there's a chance that you could have mold and should have your home inspected. Another sign is excess moisture. If you have a lot of moisture on your walls, such as condensate, it could be because either you have too much or too little insulation. If you have drip marks on walls other than a bathroom that may get steamy from a shower, you could have a mold problem. Calling a company to inspect your home for mold is important, and you can call them out once per year to do an inspection. 

2. How to Get Rid of It

Depending on the type of mold you have growing in your home, you can try to clean it up yourself with a strong cleaner, such as bleach, but the area also needs to be given a coat of something to help kill off any mold, and prevent it from growing through on your wood behind your walls. A deep clean of your home by a mold remediation company is also a good idea, as they have the tools and know-how to get this job done properly. If you have black mold, it should definitely be cleaned properly by a professional, as black mold can lead to health issues or even death if isn't cleaned up properly.

Mold can grow in any home, old or new, clean or dirty. If you have a mold issue and you aren't sure how to get rid of it, hire a mold removal service to do this work for you.