Cleaning And Maintenance Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Roof’s Surface

Keeping your roof in good condition includes more than just watching out for missing and loose shingles. When your shingles begin to show staining and surface discoloration, it can be due to damaging moss and algae growth. The following details explain how you can take care of your roof with regular roof cleaning and protection maintenance.

Clean Off Roof Stains

After regular weather conditions in your area with moisture, rainfall, and other humidity exposure, your roof is at risk of moss, algae, and other growths that can stain your shingles. Often, you may notice the stains already forming on your shingles and not know what they are. But an easy consultation with your roofing professional will reveal that your shingles have collected these growths, which can grow roots into your shingle's surface layers and cause serious damage. 

Contact a roof cleaning professional to have them use a shingle-safe cleaning solution to remove the buildup. You can also complete your own cleaning process with your garden hose and a sprayer nozzle. It is not recommended to use a pressure washer because this can put too much pressure on the shingles and cause extra damage. 

To clean your own roof, spray the cleaning solution onto your shingles to saturate their surface according to the product's instructions. You may find it best to work in small sections as you apply the cleaner, let it sit, and rinse it clean until the stains lift from your shingles. Or, work from the lower shingles and work your way up cleaning them to remove any algae and moss stains.

Also, you should never spray upward onto your shingles because of the risk of water getting pushed under the edges of your shingles. Or you can also look for a special roof spraying tool at a local roofing supplier.

Prevent Ice Dams

As soon as the weather starts to cool off, you know that snow and ice are on the horizon. And when your roof gets enough snow build-up it can lead to ice dams on the edge of your roof if you are not careful to prevent them. 

A warm roof from your attic space can cause snowmelt and lead to ice dam formation at the edges of your roof. This buildup grows under your shingles and slowly damages them. Install heating cables at the edge of your roof to protect it from ice formation. Be sure you control the roof heating cables with an on/off switch so you can turn it on when you need it and switch it off to prevent excessive heat exposure to your shingles. Your roofer can install these cables at the edge of your roof in areas that are susceptible to ice buildup.