Why Commercial Cleaning Services Are More Important Than Ever

A lot has changed in the business world over the last year, especially for retail stores and restaurants that are trying to operate during a pandemic. It is not easy to juggle your need to stay open with your concern for customer and employee health. That is why so many cleaning companies have begun offering commercial disinfecting services to help in the fight against this virus. If you haven't already started a contract with a local commercial disinfecting cleaning company, then here are three reasons why you should do so as soon as possible. 

Reopen Quicker

If you have been visited by someone with COVID-19 then getting your business cleaned is essential. Traditional cleaning methods do not work nearly as quickly as disinfecting services when it comes to eliminating any sign of the virus. That is because while regular cleaning methodologies can help, they do not specifically target the virus or completely disinfect the surfaces it lives on. There is still conflicting evidence on what products do kill COVID-19 when it is on a surface such as a counter, but one thing that is known is that disinfectant certainly does kill it, which is why disinfecting services are a must.

Protect Your Workers

While you have a duty of care to your customers, the people who are in the primary firing line of the virus are your employees who have to be in and around your shop. Getting regular disinfecting cleanings of your business can reduce the amount of risk they are taking because the odds of COVID-19 surviving multiple cleaning sessions are very low. This will give your employees the confidence to keep doing their job in the midst of a pandemic because they know you are taking every precaution you possibly can. 

Encourage Your Customers

It is not only your employees who may be hesitant to go back to work. Many people who would ordinarily be shopping, getting their hair cut or styled, or going out to eat are still staying home because they are afraid to be exposed to the virus. If you advertise the fact that you are getting regular cleanings from specialized commercial disinfecting services, then it will go a long way toward encouraging these people to come back. Make sure you have prominent signage and mention it on your website and social media presence, as this is where your potential customers will look for guidance on what you are doing to keep them safe. 

Contact a commercial disinfecting service for more information.