Carpet Cleaning: Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service Versus DIY Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet is one of the chores that most people dread, considering the amount of work that goes into thoroughly cleaning a carpet. You have to vacuum it, scrub it with detergent, and then wait for it to dry.

Some people attempt to clean their carpets on their own. However, you don't have to undergo the difficult task of cleaning your carpet yourself. Instead, you can hire a carpet cleaning service to do all the work for you.

Hiring a carpet cleaning service provides numerous benefits that you may not know. Thus, before deciding to hire a carpet cleaning service, here are four comparison points between hiring a contractor to clean your carpet and DIY.

Saving Time

Suppose you are expecting to host guests, and between planning their accommodations and juggling your daily activities, you don't have sufficient time to conduct proper carpet cleaning. In that case, you have two options: you can either hire a carpet cleaning service or attempt a rushed DIY carpet cleaning. 

If you attempt a rushed DIY cleaning, you will have a limited chance to perform a proper cleaning job. Even if you are not expecting guests, you may not have enough time to conduct the carpet cleaning while also working and spending time with your family. Thus, instead of using your small amount of free time to clean your carpet, you can hire a carpet cleaning service.

Quality of Cleanliness

Most people are not able to purchase the proper cleaning equipment for their carpet, such as a steam cleaner. Thus, they usually clean their carpets by vacuuming or using detergent and a brush. This type of DIY carpet cleaning may work for regular stains, but there are tougher stains that require specialized equipment and skill.

For instance, have you ever tried to remove chewing gum or a wine stain from the carpet? Though vinegar may work, the cleaned area still retains a mild stain visible to the naked eye. Thus, instead of having the appearance of your carpet ruined by a stain residue that you could not remove, it's better to hire a carpet cleaning service.

Carpet cleaning contractors have received immense training on how to remove various stains from the carpet's fibers. Thus, you are guaranteed that they will be able to remove any stain on the carpet and reinstate its flawless appearance.

Removing Germs, Bacteria, and Foul Odors

Cleaning your carpets with a vacuum cleaner or other DIY methods has minimal effects on microscopic germs and bacteria. If you have a toddler in your home crawling around the carpet, they can contract an infection from the carpet's bacteria and germs.

Thus, the only way to ensure you remove all the bacterial and germs from the carpet is by using a carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning contractors use steam cleaning to kill all the germs in the carpet and remove unpleasant odors. Steam cleaning involves blasting the carpet with a jet of hot steam that penetrates even the most hidden areas of the carpet that act as nesting grounds for germs and bacteria.

Carpet Durability

You may not know this, but different carpet fabrics require different tools and cleaning methods to avoid damaging the fabric. In most cases, people who regularly DIY clean their carpets don't have the adequate equipment or knowledge to clean without damaging the carpet. Therefore, carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service last longer than carpets that get cleaned by their owners.

Carpet cleaning service companies invest heavily in various carpet cleaning equipment suitable for cleaning different carpet fabric types. Additionally, the carpet cleaning contractors undergo immense training on handling different types of carpet fabrics using the different types of cleaning equipment to ensure they do not damage your carpet.

Thus, you can rest assured that your carpet will last for a longer time when using carpet cleaning services instead of DIY carpet cleaning. For more information about carpet cleaning, contact a local carpet cleaning service, such as Ed's Cleaning Service.