4 Carpet Cleaning Services Appropriate For Your Home

Carpet cleaning promotes health at home by removing dust, mold, and other allergens that are hazardous to your family's health. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning is necessary, not only for health reasons but also for aesthetics. A freshly cleaned carpet can revamp the look of your living room. Using carpet cleaning services is advisable to ensure a thorough cleaning job. They can do better than DIY cleaning because they have the resources, including cleaning equipment and detergents. What kind of carpet cleaning services can you use at home?

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning 

This cleaning method is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It uses highly pressurized steam to remove dirt from the carpet. The cleaning service starts by applying detergent to the carpet. This detergent is then agitated to dissolve properly into the carpet fibers. The cleaning service then uses high-pressure steam to rinse the carpet.  

Steam carpet cleaning is perhaps the most popular cleaning method for cleaning both residential and commercial carpets. It is fast and effective in removing different types of dirt, including organic dirt like pet waste. 

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning 

In this method, carpet cleaning services use specially formulated cleaning agents that absorb and trap dirt and dust. The cleaners start by spreading the cleaning agent into the carpet fibers using counter-rotating brushes. The detergent is allowed to settle before it is vacuumed.

Encapsulation is becoming more popular because it uses very little water. The carpet can also be used after a few minutes because it dries faster. But encapsulation is sometimes not very effective for heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning 

This method is popular for its quickness. Carpet cleaning services start by vacuuming the carpet. They then spread a cleaning agent on the carpet and allow it to settle before it is picked up with an absorbent pad. The cleaning agent is picked up together with the dirt. 

Bonnet cleaning is the quickest carpet cleaning method, and you can use it for regular carpet cleaning. But you should consider a deeper cleaning method after several intervals because bonnet cleaning cleans the top layer of the fibers.

Rotary Shampoo Method 

This minimal water cleaning method uses a special cleaning agent to suspend dirt and debris in carpet fibers. The cleaning agent is agitated into a foam with special brushes to pull dirt particles better, after which the cleaners then vacuum up the foam. This method allows faster carpet drying and is easy to do.

Are you looking for a carpet cleaning method that can safeguard your family's and pet's health? Talk to carpet cleaning services about the state of your carpet and a suitable cleaning method.