Installing A New Concrete Driveway? 2 Tips To Keep It Maintained

If you are installing a new concrete driveway you need to learn what to do to protect your investment. Keeping the driveway maintained properly will help keep it looking great and will help the driveway last longer for you. Keep reading for two tips that will help you enjoy your new driveway without worrying about it having problems. 

Keep it Clean

Cleaning the concrete driveway is important as it removes surface debris that could scratch the concrete and cause damage. Once clean you can see much better if the driveway has any damage that the dirt covered up. 

There are many ways you can clean a concrete driveway. Before you do anything, sweep the driveway to ensure all debris is removed. You can use a garden hose and driveway brush to scrub the driveway. There is cleaner specifically made for concrete. When finished, rinse the driveway thoroughly to remove all cleaner. 

An easier way to clean the driveway is with concrete pressure washing. If you choose this, only pressure wash about once a year. If you use a pressure washer on the concrete more often, such as weekly or monthly, you could damage the concrete and cause it to wear down faster. If you do not have a pressure washer nor have experience using one, hire a company that can do this for you. This will ensure the job is done correctly.

Make Repairs

Concrete can crack once it becomes older and if you see even tiny cracks you need to repair them. No matter how small they are, the cracks can become larger and then spread and become much larger. To repair cracks there is crack filler that is made for concrete that you can purchase at a home improvement store. Before you use the product, remove any dust or debris that is inside the crack. Squeeze the filler in the crack and then use the scraper to make it smooth over the driveway. Let the filler dry for the allotted time. There is colored filler if you have a colored concrete driveway. 

If you noticed large cracks or holes in the concrete, contact the company that installed your driveway or another concrete contractor. They should make the repairs for you so you do not cause more damage by doing it yourself. 

The concrete contractor that installs your driveway can give you more tips on keeping the driveway in good condition.