Tips For Removing A Wall In Your Home

Small demolition projects are some of the most common tasks required of homeowners. Among these tasks, wall removal is one of the more difficult ones.

However, with the right help and advice, you can easily remove a wall from your property. Before you embark on this job, however, make sure you follow a few simple tips. Also, be willing to seek help and expert advice when needed. While wall removal might seem simple, doing it incorrectly can cause major structural problems for your home.

Always Check for Electrical Obstructions

Before you even think about removing any wall in your home, first check for any existing electrical obstructions.

You can do this by punching a small, shallow hole in the wall using a hammer. Once the hole is punched, use a flashlight to shine into the opening. Then, take a careful look around.

If you see any wires or other electrical components, do not proceed on your own.

Walls that contain electrical components will require professional removal to avoid causing electrical damage to your home. In severe cases, messing around with electrical components could even lead to a fire or other serious issues.

For wall removal with wiring involved, the help of a small demolition service and an electrician will be required.

Look for Air Ducts

Just as you shouldn't remove a wall with electrical components inside on your own, you also need to be careful about walls containing air ducts.

You can spot air ducts by looking for sheet metal. If you see sheet metal inside of a wall, there's a good chance it contains air ducts, which are important for proper functioning and ventilation of your home and its heating and air systems.

If you're ever in doubt about whether or not an air duct exists inside a wall, get a professional opinion before proceeding.

If air ducts are inside the wall, you will either need to tackle relocating it or leave the job to a professional.

Determine if You're Dealing with a Load-Bearing Wall

One final and very important thing to determine is whether or not you are dealing with a load-bearing wall.

Load-bearing walls are walls that are important in supporting your home and maintaining its structure and stability. Not all walls fall into this category. Some walls exist merely for decoration or separation and can be removed without issue.

However, you need to be absolutely sure, before you remove a wall, that it is not load-bearing. For this reason, having the wall looked at by professionals before beginning any removal project is imperative.

In fact, while wall removal can sometimes be done on your own, getting professional advice before starting a project is always a wise idea.