Is Your Office Staff Dedicated To Keeping A Clean Environment? 3 Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes

Having a conscientious staff makes life easier in an office environment. After all, you can expect things to stay cleaner when everyone takes the initiative to do their part. While it is great to know that you can depend upon your office staff to keep their desks tidy and pick up after themselves in shared spaces, you may discover that some cleaning efforts create more trouble than they are worth if they are done incorrectly. Be sure to cover these common cleaning issues with your office staff so that you can keep things beautiful and pristine between your regular office cleaning services.

Avoid Scrubbing Stains

Spills are typically easier to clean if you get the liquid up before a stain has time to set in. While you want your office staff to quickly work on getting up spills such as coffee, you also want to make sure that they know not to make the stains worse. Liquid spills should typically be cleaned up using a fresh towel and blotting motion. Scrubbing can cause the pigments to work their way deeper into carpet or upholstery fibers. Once they've done what they can to get most of the stain up, have your team notify a member of the cleaning crew to make sure that it is addressed during the next service visit.

Clearly Define Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning mishaps also happen when people are not sure what to use to clean a specific surface. Trying to clean a colored carpet with a product that contains peroxide or bleach could lead to a bigger problem if it causes discoloration. Make sure that cleaning supplies are clearly labeled for their intended use. If you place anything into a clear spray bottle, then it is also best to make sure that it is labeled. Vinegar and bleach can look similar in a spray bottle, and they have very different uses in an office environment.

Know When to Clean Exterior Glass

There is nothing like freshly cleaned windows and glass doors to let the sunlight in and bolster productivity. If your office is open to the public, then having clean glass also makes a better first impression when people arrive at the building. Cleaning glass is one of those tasks that seems simple, yet washing glass in harsh sunlight can cause the cleaning solution to dry to quickly and leave terrible streaks. Ask your staff to leave this task to the professional office cleaning crew who can do it early or later in the day when the sunlight is not glaringly harsh.

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