New To Owning Cats? 3 Reasons To Schedule Routine Carpet Cleaning

Having carpeting in a home with cats can come with some challenges since pet hair and other allergens can get trapped in the carpet fibers. Instead of noticing a reduction in the air quality in your home since adopting a cat, it's a good idea to prioritize getting carpet cleaning done that's thorough and can remove any problem.

Rather than attempting to treat the carpet yourself via vacuuming and spot treatments, consider the difference that professional cleaning can make in restoring the look and smell of your carpet.

Reduce Pet Hair

Cats with both long and short hair can see a lot of loose hair that guests may notice when stepping on the carpet with socks on since the hair can accumulate on them. This can be frustrating to deal with since your vacuum may not effectively remove the hair trapped in carpeting. This is especially true for high-pile carpeting that's plusher and has fibers that collect cat hair.

When you hire professional carpet cleaners, they will use the appropriate equipment to remove hair and any other debris that your carpet has trapped.

Improve Air Quality

As the owner of someone with cats, there's a good chance that you've noticed a reduction in the air quality of your home due to the mess they can make. Your carpet can collect these odors and make it much more challenging to keep the carpeting in your home clean.

By scheduling carpet cleaning that provides deep and thorough cleaning, you'll notice a significant difference in the odors at home. If the litter box is kept in a room with carpeting, for example, a professional cleaning can make an extraordinary difference in how your home smells.

Safe Cleaning Solutions

With your cats being so close to the floor most of the time,  you need to be careful with what cleaning solutions are used. Strong chemicals can be uncomfortable for them to breathe in, as well as be dangerous in some situations. Instead of this being a major problem with carpeting, look into carpet cleaners that advertise safe cleaning solutions with pets in mind.

Taking care of keeping your home clean when you have cats can come with more work and extra costs you'll need to prepare for. Instead of being frustrated with the state of your carpeting, consider the above advantages of hiring a professional for cleaning and the difference you'll notice with the results.

To learn more, contact a cleaning service in your area.