5 Signs You Need An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Crew For Your Office

Typically when you run an office, you have to hire a crew to clean it. You can hire a traditional crew or an eco-friendly crew. Here are five signs you need an eco-friendly company to help you: 1. You Have Employees With Allergies The chemicals and fragrances in some cleaning products can really have an impact on employees with allergies. If you want to make your office hospitable for these people, you may want to opt for eco-friendly office cleaning. Read More 

A Few Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean Between Professional Cleanings Without Using Chemicals

Keeping your carpets clean can be a real chore when you have pets or small children in the house. Of course, you also need to consider the fact that they are closer to the ground and spend a lot of time sitting or lying on the floor. Using chemical laden cleaning can be harmful to respiratory systems, may cause skin irritations, and could damage other organs or systems in the body. Read More 

Tips For Maintaining A Nighttime Only Janitorial Business

Having a business that operates at night means that you can spend your days resting and at leisure. If you are able to operate a business after everyone leaves work until the midnight hour, you will even have time to get to sleep at night and use your days how you see fit. One of the best businesses to operate at night are janitorial services. If you wish to open a janitorial business, here are some contracts to get that will permit you to operate at night only: Read More 

Is Your Restaurant As Clean As Possible?

Properly cleaning your restaurant is not only important if you want to consistently pass health inspections, you also want to keep customers happy. A dirty restaurant makes a poor impression on customers and you could see a decline in business if the state of your business does not improve. To help ensure your restaurant is always as clean as possible, here are a few tips. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service Read More 

Tips To Help You Keep A Clean And Germ-Free Work Place

When you work in an office, you spend a great deal of your time there, so you should want it kept as clean as possible. Cleaning your office can be handled by a specific employee, divided among all employees, or hired out to a cleaning service like Pap  Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC. Whether you decide to handle the cleaning in-office or hire it to a professional company, here are some tips to help you keep your office break room sanitized and spotless. Read More