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Tips For Maintaining A Nighttime Only Janitorial Business

Having a business that operates at night means that you can spend your days resting and at leisure. If you are able to operate a business after everyone leaves work until the midnight hour, you will even have time to get to sleep at night and use your days how you see fit. One of the best businesses to operate at night are janitorial services. If you wish to open a janitorial business, here are some contracts to get that will permit you to operate at night only: Read More 

Is Your Restaurant As Clean As Possible?

Properly cleaning your restaurant is not only important if you want to consistently pass health inspections, you also want to keep customers happy. A dirty restaurant makes a poor impression on customers and you could see a decline in business if the state of your business does not improve. To help ensure your restaurant is always as clean as possible, here are a few tips. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service Read More 

Tips To Help You Keep A Clean And Germ-Free Work Place

When you work in an office, you spend a great deal of your time there, so you should want it kept as clean as possible. Cleaning your office can be handled by a specific employee, divided among all employees, or hired out to a cleaning service like Pap  Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC. Whether you decide to handle the cleaning in-office or hire it to a professional company, here are some tips to help you keep your office break room sanitized and spotless. Read More 

Rubbing Alcohol –It Gets The Ink Stains Out!

Ink stains on carpeting happen all of the time. Fortunately, with a little know-how, you don't have to live forever with that blotch. Here's one option of using rubbing alcohol to help you remove that blemish from your carpeting for good. To use this method, you will need a few supplies, like: Rubbing alcohol Clean white cloths or heavy duty paper towels Styrofoam plate and masking tape Bucket of warm, almost hot water Clean sponge Wet-dry vacuum Step 1: Prepare the Workspace – Start by cutting a hole in the center of the Styrofoam plate that is slightly larger than the ink spot on the carpeting. Read More 

Clean Nylon Carpet Fibers That Were Exposed To Barbecue Ribs

If you were carrying a platter of barbecue ribs across your dining room and you tripped over a toy that your child tossed onto the carpet, resulting in you losing your balance and spilling the ribs onto the white nylon carpeting that surrounds your dining room table, acting swiftly to remove the spilled food and clean the fibers will prevent permanent stains. Follow the instructions below to provide the nylon fibers with a spic and span surface: Read More